Pro Football Hall of Fame

Date: May 7, 2013

Today we went to the Pro NFL Football Hall of Fame. It was amazing. This football player, Rod Woodrow, made 71 interceptions in just 17 years. We saw a lot of sculptures of people’s heads. They were so well detailed, and they really looked like actual people. There were tons of then from the dates 1963-2012! We saw Tebow, Farve, and Peterson’s jerseys. They were pretty cool. We also watched a movie about Super bowl 47. At one point in the movie, Joe Flacco said, “HEY, why did the clock stop?” He said it right when the lights were turning off! One of my favorite parts was seeing all of the Super Bowl rings! They were pretty. My dad still wants to see a Minnesota Viking ring someday in the case. Another one of my favorite parts was the designing of your own ring. My brothers and I created Viking Rings! There were many electronics that let you watch a biography movie, or read about them. We also got to see a few of the sizes of shoes of some of the football players. They had many different sizes. Some were big, and some were surprisingly small. Maybe they were a few sizes bigger than my foot.