Date: May 14, 2013

Today we went to Philadelphia. We saw Benjamin Franklin’s grave. It had pennies, nickels, and dimes. They should have put in $100 instead. Ha! Ha! Ha! We had Philly (Nickname for Philadelphia)Cheese steaks and The World’s Best Ice Cream. It was a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Philadelphia area was very fun! We walked to the Reading Terminal instead of Ice cream I went to the Bakery and got this huge bagel. After that we saw a big China Town gate that was really beautiful. We walked through a colonial neighborhood and then through a amazing garden. Then we got Philly style pretzels.

Also while we were in Philly, we waited in a LONG line, and saw the Liberty Bell! It was very spectacular. It was kind of hard to find the actual bells location, because right when you walk in, there are displays to read, with 3D replicas of the bell. So after venturing through the museum, we finally found the bell. Behind the bell was a neat view of the Independence Hall. The day before we were in Philly, we had watched the first National Treasure movie. The next day while we were the,walking through Philly, Daniel and I were saying some quotes, or pointing out things that we saw in the movie. We also walked by China Town, where in the entrance was a beautiful gate, with marvelous colors and Chinese symbols. My third cousin told me that it was four tons in weight! The best part was that we got to have the best ice cream in the world. My mom’s cousin was with us in Philly, and her son(my third cousin) suggested that we go there! the weather was awesome. I was not hot or cold the whole time. Philly was pretty amazing, and I loved the old houses when we were walking through an old historical neighborhood that was peaceful, beautiful, and very historic looking. I wanted one of the houses!(two of them were for sale!) Philly is an amazing place, and you should buy some tickets to fly down and see the gorgeous city of Philadelphia!